Sumoteks being founded in 1998 as a limited company, is located in Istanbul with 4.500 square meter covered field. As the years passed, Sumoteks have become the leading company manifacturing knitwear garments especially for babies and children. The annual capacity is over 6.000.000 peices depending on the models of the orders.
Starting with the supply of the yarn and ending with the dying, all the process is done under strict control with highly reputable companies under contracts. The inline process ie; cutting, sewing, quality control, ironing and finishing is held with our experienced 300 personnel.
The capacity increase is realized with our sub-contractors which are working with us almost more than 8 years.
Unconditional customer satisfaction is our main philosophy and each production process goes under this philosophy with no doubt. Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 9000 standards are the criteria that are benefited to reach the highest standards of quality.
Our export is mainly to Europe (14 countries), USA, Canada, Emirates, China and Japan.

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